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Varilight 120W 2 Way LED Replacement Dimmer Module

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The Varilight MJP120 is a programmable 2-Way Push-on Push-off LED Dimmer Module. This is designed to replace a traditional dimmer so LED compatability.

The MJP120 is rated at 0-120W (1-10 LEDs)

Dimensions: 52x26x42mm

Maximum Load Rating: LED; 120W (Max. 10 lamps)

Maximum Current Rating: 1.09A

Terminal (Live) Diameter: 3.2mm; Capacity: 3 x 1.5mm²

Intended Applications: Indoor Use Only. Domestic lighting circuits.

Safety Advice: Not suitable for use with non-dimmable LED or fluorescent bulbs and tubes, wire-wound or toroidal transformers, TRIAC dimmable loads or electric motors. Do not overload. Ensure your LED bulbs are dimmable before use with this product.

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