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LED Flexi Strip Light Kit

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Flexible Strip-Light is an incredibly versatile lighting solution - For use around the home, kitchen, bedroom, entertainment room, or can be used to create a lighting feature or signage.

With its self-adhesive backing; our Flexible Strip-Light can be fitted to almost any surface to create stunning lighting effects without the need for a professional electrician.

Kit includes a 5 metre reel of LED strip-light and all necessary components for easy installation.

LED Flexi Strip-Light is IP65 rated for outdoor use and can be cut to length to suit project requirements.

Integrated power supply is IP20 rated and must be placed in a suitable IP65 enclosure or junction box if used outside.

Contents: 1x LED Flexi Strip-Light (5m) , 1x integrated power supply and power lead, 2x straight connectors and 2x 10cm connection leads.

(RGB kit also includes remote control)

Design, Supply and Fit

Having trouble finding an electrician? No problem, Luminosity Designs has its own fitting service to the local area. Why not contact us to arrange an appointment.