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Tiffany StyleTable Lamp - Base Only

Tiffany StyleTable Lamp - Base Only

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These table lamps are classed as aged antique brass which is a blackened brass effect rather than the reddish colour of current tiffany

It enables you to complete a custom fitting of your choice or to replace one part for another in the case of damage or a change of style.

We are glad to announce that the sizing is traditional tiffany standard and so most vintage tiffany glass will also work with this range.

There is a full range of accessories available from table lamps to chandelier chains.


Table Lamp Bases

Small Lamp Bases are single bulb and suitable for 30cm Shades only

Large Lamp Bases have 2  bulbs and suitable for 40cm shades only

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Design, Supply and Fit

Having trouble finding an electrician? No problem, Luminosity Designs has its own fitting service to the local area. Why not contact us to arrange an appointment.