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Fara App Controlled Sparkle Ceiling Light

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The Fara range gives a magical effect as well as being practical. The ceiling bulkhead was designed to blend in to the space whilst turned off but become a pretty feature when lit.

Its acrylic diffuser is artistically designed to produce the most wonderful glittery effect while it’s interior panel gives a good light output like a traditional bulkhead.

It’s app gives you the option to dim, change colour or even pre chose a fading effect to suit your mood. 
It’s even fully programmable to wake you up or send you to sleep with fading dawn and dusk effects.

includes holiday mode where it can be programmed to come on even when you’re away.

1200 max lumens 

complete colour spectrum change 


25000 hours expected lifespan

IP20 rated ( not waterproof)

Smart Home compatible with google and Alexa 

Design, Supply and Fit

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