Luminosity Designs Electrical Installations and Restoration

Luminosity Designs is not only a Lighting and Homewares retailer but we also offer a full range of services to compliment our Showroom.

Design and Electrical Consultations

We offer a free consultation service to anyone thinking of purchasing lighting or having electrical work completed, we are happy to send any information via email or do telephone consultations countrywide. If you are within our area you can also feel free to call into our showroom and book a home visit. All quotations and initial cosultations are free of charge.*

*Written copies of design plans are chargable at hourly rates, this fee is refunded when using Luminosity Designs electrical services or puchasing the lighting from the Design.


Electrical Installation

One of the things that sets Luminosity apart from other retailers is that we have our own supply and install service. Our fully qualified Electrician is happy to complete any electrical work that may need doing in your home or business as well as install anything that we sell.

All electrical work MUST be booked through the showroom, quotations are free but hourly rates apply for any work completed so pricing depends on the job done. We of course try to get anything completed as fast as possible but any pre quoted labour costs will be at an estimate of time spent. Quotes are valid for 14 days after issue, a requote may be required after this time dependant on work to be carried out.


Historical Constultation and Installations

One of our specialities is the work we do within the Heritage sector. Having worked alongside English Heritage and many Museums and Historic Houses we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. As an Electrician Kevin is no stranger to carefully splicing original wallpaper and feeding cables under oak floorboards through the smallest holes (althought he original William Morris did make him sweat a little). As a former Museum and Historic Monuments Curator along with extensive experience working alongside film companies on historic lighting design, Marie is always on hand to find the right period piece for whatever scenario. So from Castles to Churches, Cottages to Art Galleries, we can help.

Previous consultations have included The Forestry Commission, Gillies Jones Gallery, North Yorkshire Water Park, Lords Feoffees and the Manor of Bridlington, The Diocese of York, the National Parks Authority and the Ghost Bus Tours...


Restoration, Rebuilds and Repairs

Maybe is a lamp that you love but look at that wobbly switch with suspicion, maybe you have something a bit special at home that you think would look amazing illuminated. Or maybe you find a special piece thats seen better days.

We spend a lot of our downtime and rainy days repairing, restoring and even creating some beautiful lighting for our customers or to have that special piece in our showroom.So if you need our expertise or even some advice feel free to call into our showroom.

It is difficult to judge the work needed on some of the vintage pieces so quotes for any work given are subject to change but any work carried out will be itemised, checked and tested. As many original componants will be kept as possible and all work will be comppleted to a modern safety standard.



A relatively new addition to our portfolio is the new LED Energy Saving Survey. We will visit your site and do a complete survey of your lighting and give you a complete comparison of how much you can save by upgrading your existing lighting. Popular with businesses and community properties this gives a tangible item to pass on to committees and boards in order to request upgrades.

Surveys are at a hourly chargable rate however this cost is reimbursed upon purchase or booking of any of the reccommended items/jobs.