Its been a busy week.

Its been a busy week.

Well i'd like to say we have all the new lighting up and displayed but there was just to much of it to fit on the ceiling!!

We've brought back some amazing coloured glassware, matt black and gold is THE THING right now and art deco has made a massive comeback. You might have seen the new products section on the website, thats just a fraction of the items and im expanding the section every day. If you see something on the website in the new section but its not quite right then please drop us a line, chances are what you want is in there somewhere but i havent quite got to uploading it yet.

If youre in the area then pop into the shop and have a nosey at some of the new ranges, my personal favourite is a remote control colour changing neon spiral with crystals but then ive never been a subtle person.

Marie xx


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